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  • Jardin du Luxembourg - A whiff of elegance...

    The Jardin du Luxembourg, with its timeless elegance and extraordinary comfort, welcomes you into its enchanting, intimate and refined atmosphere.

    Upon entering the suite, the romantic canopy bed instantly captures your attention and promises a comfortable night within its generously-veiled cocoon.

    An invitation to serenity, the living room, lavishly decorated with voluptuous angels and sheer drapery, charms and delights with its soft, peaceful colours and its stately combination of rich materials such as the bricks of the chimney, the cherry wood of the flooring, the marble and wrought iron of the tables and the beautiful crystal vases.

  • Cour de Versailles - A princely atmosphere...

    For a moment in time, be the lord and lady of the manor … la Cour de Versailles offers you a sumptuous décor that brings to mind the old-fashioned charm of French castles.

    In the master bedroom, a magnificent king-sized bed sits imposingly in the middle of the room, adorned with its soft comforter in royal colours that would have made Louis XIV green with envy! And, adjoining the headboard is a majestic fresco that will carry you away to the Jardins du Château de Versailles.

    The French doors open into your private living room where gilding, crystal and marble flow together regally and immerse you in a universe of opulence and luxury ... an elegant masterpiece

  • Place des Vosges - A palace that touches the clouds...

    Nestled in the quiet calm of the attic of the house, Place des Vosges bridges earth and sky, inviting you to travel weightlessly through a world of supernatural beauty. This large celestial suite has a worldly style that combines the refinement of European castles with the delicacy of angels, and from this difference is born the poetry of this lofty place.

    Stage left an immense hand-painted fresco features shades of pink and violet against a background of sky blue, adding life and a dream-like quality to the sloping wall. Stage right a stream of sheer drapery cascades down to meet the king-sized feather bed, sweeping you away to another place and time...

    Place des Vosges: an idyllic setting that will charm romantics